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Loretta Carr

My love for super heroes

I have always been a fan of superheroes. Even if I am a girl, I liked Superman, Batman, Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, and Cyclops much better than Barbies and Bratzdolls. So my dad and I would go to the toy store to buy my favorite action figures so that I have something to play with. I collected all sorts of action figures and their accessories and I was always excited to add something to my collection. It became a great bonding activity between me and my dad. For Lego pieces of my superheroes, he would help me build them piece by piece.

While doing so, he would tell me stories about his childhood because he also used to love playing with these superheroes. We would also watch superhero movies and cartoons on television. We also played video games using our favorite superheroes as characters. This became my hobby until now. I know I am a grown up already but there is just something about the action figures of my favorite superheroes that brings out the child in me. I have also transferred my collection to a different room.

I made sure they were all packed properly inside their respective boxes and my favorite ones were displayed on glass. I still buy action figures every now and then to add to my collection especially now that I have my own money. Going to my collection room makes me happy deep inside. I also made it into a gaming area where I can play the latest superhero video games. It helps me relax and it brings back good childhood memories spent with my dad. I may be living away from my parents now but I will always be a daddy’s girl. Some people say that I’m wasting my money on my superheroes collection but for me, it is something that I do to make myself happy and I do not think that is a waste of money. 


Why collect action figures?

This is Action Figure Express – an online haven for children and those young at heart. You ask us why? Well, because we sell the coolest toys out there. We assure you we have everything you want. Name it, we got it! If it is not in our current supply, we will do our best to source them for you. 

Action Figure Express is like Santa’s little helpers, making little children’s favorite toys all year round, and making your children’s wishes come true. For those who are young at heart, we have all your childhood fantasies in our treasure troves. We are sure that there is something in our collections that will bring out the inner child in you. 

Action Figure Express is your happy place. We have delightful and valuable stuff in store for you. We have all your favorite things. And the best part is that all these stuff are just a click away. Just like that, and in a matter of days you will have your most awaited package right in front of your garage door, which we just had replaced by 

So, browse through our online store in our website. Check our newest arrivals and all-time bestsellers. Some of our top sellers are Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Lord of the Rings, Marvel Legends, Star Wars, and Masters of the Universe. Just a word of caution, this is addictive. We cannot blame you though. Toys make us happy all the time. Once you buy one, you want to buy another until you have a collection of all your favorite stuff. Kindly take note that some items are fast-moving due to high demand so please check with us right away regarding their availability. If in case the item is no longer available but you are still willing to wait, we would gladly source them for you so that you can have your favorite toy in your collection. 

If you want to share the happiness, you can purchase e-gift certificates from us and send them to your family and friends so that they too can choose their favorite toys from our online store. Our main store is in Honolulu, Hawaii but we ship our items to any part of the globe so this is a perfect gift for all your loved ones. And if you really want to play Santa, you can join us in our outreach program called Toys for Everyone, where we partner with Make A Wish Foundation to give sick children their favorite toy. It is our way of giving back to the community and of course, we hope to put a smile on the children’s faces in spite of what they are going through. 

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