My love for super heroes

I have always been a fan of superheroes. Even if I am a girl, I liked Superman, Batman, Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, and Cyclops much better than Barbies and Bratzdolls. So my dad and I would go to the toy store to buy my favorite action figures so that I have something to play with. I collected all sorts of action figures and their accessories and I was always excited to add something to my collection. It became a great bonding activity between me and my dad. For Lego pieces of my superheroes, he would help me build them piece by piece.

While doing so, he would tell me stories about his childhood because he also used to love playing with these superheroes. We would also watch superhero movies and cartoons on television. We also played video games using our favorite superheroes as characters. This became my hobby until now. I know I am a grown up already but there is just something about the action figures of my favorite superheroes that brings out the child in me. I have also transferred my collection to a different room.

I made sure they were all packed properly inside their respective boxes and my favorite ones were displayed on glass. I still buy action figures every now and then to add to my collection especially now that I have my own money. Going to my collection room makes me happy deep inside. I also made it into a gaming area where I can play the latest superhero video games. It helps me relax and it brings back good childhood memories spent with my dad. I may be living away from my parents now but I will always be a daddy’s girl. Some people say that I’m wasting my money on my superheroes collection but for me, it is something that I do to make myself happy and I do not think that is a waste of money.