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My son just discovered Plants versus Zombies and Ghostbusters recently. That should be great, right? Because I could totally relate to his current interests having played Plants versus Zombies (versions 1 and 2), and growing up watching Egon, Ray, Peter, and Winston catching ghosts in the movies and television series. We were able to have great talks about the games, shows, and characters. The problem came when he requested to have toys and action figures of Plants versus Zombies and Ghostbusters for Christmas and his birthday.

The thing is, since these games and movies are no longer the “in” thing, it was hard for me and my husband to find the items he was requesting for. I already bought him a new Lego set and Optimus Prime Transformer just to be sure that we would have something to give him for those two special occasions. But of course, being parents, we did not want to disappoint our son so we continued searching through different toy stores to find his most requested toys. But to no avail.

I was ready to give up and prepared to see the disappointment on my son’s face when he opened his gifts. Until my friend told me to check Action Figure Express online to see if they have what we were looking for. And guess what? They had everything on my son’s wish list. We excitedly contacted them and ordered the items and they shipped them to us right after our payment. It was a very smooth transaction and we will surely order from them again. Thank you, Action Figure Express for coming to our rescue and providing my son’s most requested toys. You truly made his Christmas and birthday memorable. As parents, seeing our son’s huge smile and delighted face when he saw our gifts made our hearts sing for joy.