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Action Figure Express works with Make A Wish Foundation in providing the most requested toys of children with severe illness. We give the sick children their favorite toys for free as a way of helping them feel better and hopefully help them on their way to recovery and wellness. Seeing their precious smiles is priceless. 

Make A Wish Foundation goes to different children’s hospitals, takes time to get to know the patients, and asks them what they want to receive as a gift that would truly make them happy. Make A Wish Foundation then forwards the wishes of these children to us and we do our best to fulfill their wish list. In return, it brings us much joy to see the smiles on their faces once they receive the fulfillment of their wishes. It makes our hearts sing whenever we meet families who share their stories with us and how our gifts made their little ones happier than happy. During the difficult period of their lives, we want to be an instrument of love and support to these families. They deserve to smile and be happy despite their situation. 

All of us here at Action Figure Express feel blessed to be given this opportunity to be of service especially to these little ones who have to battle illness at such a young age. They should be out there playing and having fun but instead, they lie in hospital beds undergoing treatments and medication to survive. We feel that this is the least that we could do to make them feel a little better and let them enjoy their childhood in spite of what they are going through. 

For those who want to purchase toys for these children, contact us so that we can give you a special discount. Let us all put a smile on a child’s face today.